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The Suitcase

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"I'm here," called Peyton. "Great!" "I hate you mum!"

"Sorry sweets but I forgot to tell you earlier!"

"Oh look Pey's here, I'm so sorry to tell you but we have to look after stupid Brandy tonight."

"That's fine, we'll do something fun."

"See, I knew you'd understand Peyton. You're three years older Clarke! Why aren't you this mature?"

"We're going upstairs. Call us when you're going." Clarke slammed her feet on every step while muttering swear words under her breath.

"Why are you so angry, it's only Brandy?" Peyton questioned.

"Brandy has been ruining all my stuff these past two weeks and he ruined my chance for getting into Stanford. Yes, Stanford."

"OMG! How could he do that!? How about...later on we take him for a walk and tell him about ghosts and take him to that haunted house down the road!"

"Yeah he'll get so freaked out. And have you heard about the suitcase that's in there that sucks up people's souls?"

"Let's get ready. We'll go out at eight and that means your mum will've gone by then."

At seven fifty Clarke and Peyton called Brandy and made sure her mum was out. They told him that it would give them exercise and that he had to come with them. Slowly and spookily they made their way towards the haunted house, whispering stories to Brandy.

When they got there, Brandy's face was as white as a ghost. As they got closer he asked what they were doing there. They didn't answer. The soul sucker suitcase they were talking about appeared in front of them. Clarke pushed Brandy towards the suitcase and told him to open it. He did as he was told. A glowing light lit the dark skies. Brandy lay unconscious on the muddy floor.

Written by Dalehna Maubec, age 12
Intermediate. Up to age 14 (years 7, 8, 9)

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Intermediate. Up to age 14 (years 7, 8, 9)

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