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The Suitcase

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A man boarded the plane holding a suitcase that would change everything that happened during that flight. He had got past customs successfully without having any trouble with the officers or anti-terrorist units set out every 300 metres within the international airport. During the flight the man set the suitcase in the overhead locker above him, soon to be used as a weapon against every passenger. After they had taken off and already flown a quarter of the way to the destination they were heading to, the man took out his combat black cell phone and sent a message to the CTU, the Counter Terrorist Unit, saying that the plane they were on was soon to be blown up and there was no way they could stop it. They couldn't defuse the bomb without causing major trouble on the flight and they would no longer communicate.

When the seatbelt symbols turned off he waited 17 minutes before going to the overhead locker, gathering the suitcase and his extra bag he had taken with him and going to the lavatory. There he opened the suitcase and took the layers of clothing and foam off the top and there stood the bomb, consisting of a metal shell, a red light flashing vigorously and 10 tons of C4 charges yet to be set. He quickly opened his other bag and put on special clothes with a jet black parachute. He left the lavatory and set the charges in the centre of the plane, around the TVs and in a hidden compartment. The man then readied himself at the escape door and waited for the timer on his watch to count down from ten telling him to jump. When his watch flashed brightly, he opened the exit and jumped, suitcase left behind.

Written by Charlie Locke, age 13
Intermediate. Up to age 14 (years 7, 8, 9)

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Intermediate. Up to age 14 (years 7, 8, 9)

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