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The Suitcase

A writing competition for students

One day, Mitchell decided he wanted to go on a flight to go to Hawaii and that's what he did. Meanwhile he went to pack his things for the trip. Once he had done that he made his way to the airport and he checked in and had his bags and other luggage weighed and carried on to the plane. Mitchell said, “Can you put a fragile sticker on that please?" So they did and it went off down the conveyor belt to the plane.

When he arrived at the plane he went to his seat and asked, "Could I have something from the trolley in the corner?" and the air hostess replied, “No sir, we will be issuing them when we get in the air," and then he chose to wait but not knowing about it, he accidentally activated his secret bomb in his suitcase and the entire airplane would blow up in two minutes. He tried to act cool and calm without freaking out about what he had done, but he couldn't contain his worry and screamed, "This thing's gonna blow!!!!" and he instantly evacuated the plane and the bomb exploded with BACON FLYING EVERYWHERE.

It was like being in heaven, bacon raining from the sky, it was paradise....

Written by Michael Dodd, age 13
Intermediate. Up to age 14 (years 7, 8, 9)

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Intermediate. Up to age 14 (years 7, 8, 9)

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