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The Suitcase

A writing competition for students

It was a Tuesday morning and I woke up and got up from bed. To my surprise I saw four presents on my desk, along with a sign that said, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

I had completely forgotten it was my birthday today. My mum said I could open them because I had lots of time before school. The first one I opened was a cycling helmet (the biggest of the presents), then I opened a pack of black pens, some were fine, some were thick. Then I opened some coloured pens. The last present was Minecraft on a PS3.

When I came back from school at 3:00pm I found a suitcase next to my door but it had a lock on it. I decided to take it into my flat because it was addressed to me. The next day I was visiting my grandmother at her home and as usual I went exploring around her house. I went up to the attic and there I found a dusty, wooden box, which I opened. There I found a key, a key that looked like it would fit the suitcase. In the afternoon, as soon as I entered the flat, I took the key and tried to put it in the suitcase and ... it opened! I looked inside and there was a beautiful ring and on it there were the letters A.N.N.A that spelled my name ...

Written by Anna Rieksta, age 10 at Elizabeth College
Primary. Up to age 11 (years 3, 4, 5, 6)

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Primary. Up to age 11 (years 3, 4, 5, 6)

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