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The Suitcase

A writing competition for students

One morning Olivia woke up to the door bell. She went down and opened the door to find no-one, only what she thought was a suitcase. She called for her mum and asked why she had ordered another suitcase.

Mum said, "I did not, it must have been your dad."

"Dad did you order a suitcase?"

Her dad replied, "No, why is there one at the door?"

Olivia picked it up and brought it up to her room but she was too nervous to open it. She put it under her bed and left it there. The suitcase got spider webs on it and felt alone.

A few months later Olivia remembered about the suitcase, so she decided she would go and open it. She went and opened it. She was rich but there was a little note. It said, "You will be cursed the rest of your life unless you get rid of it."

She was worried that she would be cursed so she thought of ways to get rid of it. She thought of the people who she could give it to. The first person was her best friend Lewis, but she thought that was stupid. So she told her mum she had a curse on her by opening that suitcase that came in months ago.

Her mum said, "What a load of rubbish Olivia, do not lie."

She had an idea. She would ship it off to New York where the person who use to bully her lived. So she did that but it did not go. It was back in her house.

"Oh no, how am I going to get rid of it?"

She looked in the suitcase and found a spell. It said, “Repeat these words - suitcase be gone," and it disappeared.

Olivia celebrated!

Written by Ella Ozanne, age 11
Primary. Up to age 11 (years 3, 4, 5, 6)

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Primary. Up to age 11 (years 3, 4, 5, 6)

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