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The Suitcase

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I was walking along the path to the bus terminal, towards check in, at Mafrical Airport, where I saw a battered old suitcase. I don’t know why but I suddenly felt sick. The air smelt of bananas. I am severely allergic to bananas. I was scared. So I held my mum's hand and carried on walking, now and then looking back at the sickly banana smelling suitcase.

Me and Mum sat down on the nice cushioned seats in the fancy ‘Goldwyn AirWays’ waiting lounge. I had pretty much forgotten about the suitcase, until suddenly I felt sick and nervous just like when Mum and I walked past the sickly scented suitcase. I walked anxiously to the bathroom. You know, you would go to the bathroom if you were feeling sick. Anyway, I got on my knees and sat by the toilet. I heard something outside the toilet door. I think, I hope, it was another lady. I looked underneath the battered door and saw a middle aged lady with jet black hair and a black jumpsuit on, with a brown bomber jacket over the top. She looked rather suspicious, so just as I was turning round back to the toilet, because I still felt a bit sick, the lady put down the same banana smelling suitcase I saw outside!

She got out some manky banana scented spray and showered herself in it; it was same sickly smell of the suitcase. Oh, now I get it, now I know why I keep feeling sick near that suitcase, because I am allergic to bananas, so that spray lingers on the suitcase which makes me feel sick.

I was not as scared anymore so I casually walked out the toilets to join my mum in the comfy cushioned seats.

Written by Emily Griggs, age 11
Primary. Up to age 11 (years 3, 4, 5, 6)

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Primary. Up to age 11 (years 3, 4, 5, 6)

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