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I am an explorer in the Amazon rainforest and I am trying to find out more about our planet and environment and about the strange and wonderful things that happen on earth. I wake up in my explorer home in the jungle that is an epic tree house that is built like a normal house in any perspective. But when I wake up that morning I see a glow from the other side of the rainforest that almost looks like the burning sun from the horizon. I have no reason not to at least go and have a look at what is producing the bright yellow glow. I get my backpack and am on my way through the harsh weathers and difficult challenges to come in this adventure.

I first faced the thickest trees and plants that ever existed on the planet such as vines, thick trees and big plants. When there were not as many trees or high leaves to shade me I could feel the heat on my forehead and the sweat trickling my face. Then came a lake that I had to travel across to get mildly closer to my goal that seems to be clearer to be a source of some kind of magical glitter. When I climbed further and further through the thick, viney trees. The trees kept getting thinner and thinner and the picture became clearer and clearer. There it is; I got close enough to open it, then………

Written by josh duke, age 11 at Castel School
Primary. Up to age 11 (years 3, 4, 5, 6)

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Primary. Up to age 11 (years 3, 4, 5, 6)

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