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The Suitcase

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The suitcase

I went up to the attic one day to get a cardboard box full of junk down for Mum. As I picked it up, I noticed a black suitcase with white stripes which looked old as the white was faded. I raced downstairs, dropped the junk and started to run back upstairs. ‘Why are you in such a hurry?’ asked Mum.

‘I found something in the attic,’ I replied. ‘Ok but don’t spend too long in there, it’s very dusty and dust doesn’t do your hayfever any good.’

‘Ok,’ I said and continued up the stairs. When I got back to the attic I made a beeline for the suitcase. I opened it and found a massive gun, some hand guns, some grenades and a ruby eye with obsidian as pupils and sapphires as irises.

I put everything back in the suitcase and took it downstairs to talk to mum about why they have weaponry in the attic! ‘Mum, what’s with the guns, grenades and eye?’

‘Oh, sit down dear. I hoped you wouldn’t find this out. I used to work for a secret organisation that specialised in energy weapons. Those aren’t just guns and grenades. The big gun is a ray gun, the handguns are pulse guns, the grenades are pulse grenades, the eye is the power source.’

‘Why didn't you tell me?’

‘Because you were too young to know.’

‘So all my life you lied to me!’ ‘I had to darling for your own safety.' And then I watched my Mum die. She got shot in the head by her old company. I looked out of the window and shot the assassin with the pulse gun. I phoned the police and told them what happened. They took the weaponry and I went to my godparents.

Written by Taliesin salter, age 10 at Castel School
Primary. Up to age 11 (years 3, 4, 5, 6)

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Primary. Up to age 11 (years 3, 4, 5, 6)

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