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The Suitcase

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I knew he wasn’t one to be trusted when I saw him, hiding in the shadow of his clothing. He wore a black coat with a collar covering his mouth and a black bowler hat, which created a shadow that covered his eyes, but not quite enough to hide his dark, black, bushy moustache; but I still fell for his trick long enough to find myself without the use of my legs today. He walked into the airport and sat down next to me. I stared at him for a while, he was motionless, but then he turned his head and looked at me. Even though I couldn’t see his eyes I could feel his cold gaze staring me down.

I looked away and closed my eyes waiting to be called on to my flight; as I did this the man stood up and walked away. I looked at the seat he was sitting in, there were a few hairs from the back of his coat stuck to the back of his chair and next to the seat he left a suitcase. I turned around and called out, “Hey mister your… case,” but he was gone. I looked around but I couldn’t see him anywhere. I picked up the case and started walking towards the security office and I put it on the counter explaining how he left it with me. The security officer behind the counter thanked me and not too long after, I was called on to my flight. As I got through the security and started walking towards my plane I turned around to take a look at the airport. Standing there looking through the glass, was the man giving the same cold stare, that’s the last thing I saw before the rubble rushed towards me.

Written by Adrien Duffett, age 15 at Castel School
Secondary: Age 15 and over (year 10 plus)

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Secondary: Age 15 and over (year 10 plus)

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