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The Suitcase

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The attic hatch crept open with a suspenseful creek. As I tumbled in, the entities within the darkness followed me, pressing on my nerves, but everything stood still in the ominous atmosphere. This wasn’t going to be easy. The pitch black room began to overwhelm me, engulfing both me and every inch of sanity I had. No, it can’t. Not until I’ve unlocked the dreaded secrets hidden from my past; but was it for the better? Whilst I ventured further into the unknown abyss, the crunching of wood under my knees haunted me as I crawled, mocking me for my desperate desire for answers.

As I reached the end of this abandoned graveyard of unwanted objects, my fingers, bound by dust, searched eagerly for it – The Suitcase. Trying to ignore the twisted mirages skulking over my meagre body, I frantically fluster for it. I need it. My hands meet what seems to be congested leather, torn away at both squared edges – this must be it.

I grabbed it with a sudden jerk and throttled myself, as fast as a petrified mouse to the hatch, avoiding the killing of the beast-like bullies that hid within the darkness. Escaping with the treasure was my utmost priority at this point; there was no way out of what I had done. However, in the spur

of the moment, the hatch slammed shut, sealing both me and these secrets away from the outside World. Screaming anxiously for help was not an option, despite my dependence, they can’t know what I had done, could they? As I began to give up on hope entirely the hatch jerked open suddenly, and I gave out a gasp of relief. However, as they peered their head through, I realised it was the last person I wanted to see...

Written by Morgan Ferbrache, age 15 at Castel School
Secondary: Age 15 and over (year 10 plus)

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Secondary: Age 15 and over (year 10 plus)

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