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The Suitcase

A writing competition for students

Kevin had just seen his last patient for the day, and was seeing her to the door.

“See you later Dr Steen,” were the words of his receptionist that echoed down the now empty corridor.

“Goodnight,” he replied.

As he was clearing his workspace of items he wished to return home with, an icon on his computer screen caught his eye as a mysterious e-mail appeared.

Sender: Anonymous

Status: Urgent

Subject: Suitcase

The e-mail contained a date and a time – Tomorrow, 21:22. Kevin contemplated what to do. Was the e-mail intended for him? If so, then why? If it wasn’t then what could he be faced with upon arriving there? Eventually, he decided he must check just to ensure no one was mistaken.

As he was preparing to leave the next day, he followed his normal procedures eventually making his way to his car and driving to the named destination. Within twenty minutes, he had arrived at his destination with a couple of minutes to spare. Despite being only two minutes early there was no movement for five minutes or so. Eventually a woman with a veil walked on to the open grass ahead of him. She was carrying a suitcase. She arrived in the centre of the grass and paused, dropped the case then glanced his way. Kevin was fully aware she had seen him despite the veil covering her eyes. Three minutes after she had seemingly left, Kevin exited the car and approached the suitcase. The case had an airport tag that read “Dr Steen, Kevin” and was dated for a flight in a week’s time. How was this possible? He opened the case to find the most disgusting sight imaginable. A dismembered body. Kevin recognized the face easily, as it was his own.

Written by Robert Montague, age 15 at Castel School
Secondary: Age 15 and over (year 10 plus)

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Secondary: Age 15 and over (year 10 plus)

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